Official Guide

In the vast subterranean world of Eldriss recently discovered monoliths are fueling more than just the humans fears. Sent by Nimbus you must investigate the mysterious Xylith and use any means necessary to quell an alien uprising.


"When we explore creating procedural worlds we are not only exploring art but we are exploring the relationships that exist within ecosystems and hierarchies "




WARNING - It is possible to grind long hours in order to gain levels in this game. However, if you pay attention to the guidelines below it will be a lot more straight forward and rewarding!

Your player levels-up every 64 points of experience you acquire:
Each time you level 2 is added to your maximum Hit Points.
There is no Maximum level (Only a calculable-theoretical Max) based on the scale of the game. (Between Level 200-500 somewhere depending on how much Chocolate cake you eat)

Ways to get experience Points

  • level cleared of mid-lith player level >60        (1-exp)

  • level cleared of mid-lith player level 50-60  (2-exp)

  • level cleared of mid-lith player level 40-50  (4-exp)

  • level cleared of mid-lith player level 30-40  (8-exp)

  • level cleared of mid-lith player level 20-30  (16-exp)

  • level cleared of mid-lith player level 10-20   (32-exp)

  • level cleared of mid-lith player level 0-10      (64-exp)

  • Mid-boss slain                                                                   (8-exp)

  • Superboss slain                                                                (128-exp)

  • delivery quest completed                                         (4-exp)

  • Xylith new species discovered                               (2-exp)

  • New Utility frame discovered                                  (2-exp)

  • Chocolate Cake (1-out-of-3 Mid-boss)            (120-exp)




You can use your NAV in order to travel quickly all over Eldriss. However, you will need to mine for Cobalt in order to do so.  The NAV also gives you good information about what what to expect in the zone your are travelling to. Certain pets offer a discount to cobalt warp costs! If you click the 'local' button on the NAV menu it will highlight the current zone!


Maximize Value

"Talking to the base computer AI will reveal facts about the Towns economy.  You will want to buy where prices are low and sell where prices are high. Plastic Surgery will become exceedingly expensive in High-Level Establishments"  -Gillis

2000381249_preview_25_0 (3).png

Saving Your Progress

You need to save your progress in Towns.  You will see 3 Save Slot Options when you interact with the Base Save Computer.  Use these to save your progress. There is also a Save High Score option available off this menu.

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Prioritize Resources Gathering

Always be on the lookout for Cobalt and other Minerals. These are the basis for travel and crafting. Your saw also helps you gain access to areas you would otherwise not be able to access. You can also use your saw to clear Poison Ivy and harvest wild edibles.

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When you slay a mid-lith there is a chance a Cobalt Star will drop. It is always a good idea to keep many of these on hand. These Stars will teleport you instantly to the next level. Even if the next level requires a key.



When you visit a Capitol City you will find a Warp Gate. Once you buy a license you can always go back to the city for free. You can also warp ahead by buying a license for the next capitol city for sometimes exorbitant prices.


The Warp

Warps also occasionally appear. These warps will send you forward a distance ranging from 1-25 levels. Warps are dangerous as All manor of flying xylith come through them in a constant attack on the level.